Norma Jean Jani: Ample Charm

Another day, another chance to shine the spotlight on the a lesser known but fabulous femme fatale. Today it is the turn of Norma Jean Jani.

Born 31st October 1931 in Dayton, Ohio. As to her birth name, I cannot be certain. She was also known as Jean Jani and later on in her modelling her used the moniker of Joan Brennan. As per so many of the less famed pin-up/glamour models of the 50’s, there is virtually no biographical information on Jani.

Where her story grows legs and curves, was when she was ‘discovered’ while working as a clerk for United Airlines (her subsequent pictorials would play on her airline background, appearing as a flight attendent). Jani became Playmate of the Month in 1957, July. Making an great impression on Hugh Hefner is one thing but it would appear that her employers at UA were apparently not so charmed; they sacked Jani following her appearance. Fortunately Jani does not seem to share UA sense of shame, She modelled thought the rest of the 50’s and early 60’s for the likes of Adam and Modern Man magazine. Clearly Jani was stunning, a brunette, buxom or ocationally donning a blonde wig. She does at times remind me of a curvier Sherilyn Fenn, so she told her allure easily for me. By the mid 60’s Jani left her pin-up career for a more domestic existence. Ironically when Jani’s daughter found her mother’s old Playboy photos. Clearly she was impressed by her mothers efforts, since Jani has since appeared at various Playboy conventions.

Norma jean jani beach

NJJ pink

norma JJ pin up

NJJ playboy


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  1. Generously endowed. 🙂

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