Anita Ventura: Indiscreet

Having shown plenty of Irving and Paula Klaw’s pin-ups, I have discovered one of Leonard Burtman’s choice of models. Anita Ventura.

Sadly, another case of no childhood information, not even a date of birth. One must assume that Ventura and her fabulous kind were not actually born. They began life as a pin-up sketch, and by the light of a full moon. She sprung from the pages, fully fleshed in all the right places and ready strut her stuff. Clearly, she cast a spell on Burtman using her frequently in his publications. Though she was a highly photographic model and worthy of hundreds of pictorials. Burtman did have a type, dark complexion and sultry. Who else can say that they were arrested, topless and wearing a batgirl suit?

Outside of the men’s magazine, Ventura appeared in ‘Teenie Tulip’ and ‘Orgy at Lil’s Place’. Never likely to transform Ventura in Hollywood’s next star, but her allure was never in short supply.

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anita ventura siren

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One comment

  1. She’s built more square – more strong. Not as delicate as other models of the time. Maybe that is why she didn’t take off as well. Absolutely beautiful, though.

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