Sherry Nelms: Cherie Amour

Another femme extraordinaire, wrapped a mystery. Dark hair, alabaster complexion and a trim waist. Not a pin-up but a ravishing model of luxury. Behold Sherry Nelms.

Time and time again, these alluring ladies prove to have no personal imformation. Based on the age of other noted 50’s models, I estimate Nelms was born between late 20’s-early 30’s. During her career, Nelms appeared on the cover of Vogue and Charm magazine.

She also appeared in adverts for Saks Fifth Avenue, Harry Frechtel,  Brigance Sportswear and Adele Simpson. At time Nelms resembles Sherilyn Fenn and THE ultimate 50’s model, Dovima. Both beautiful women, both brunettes that exude charisma and wear red lipstick with panache.

As to whether Nelms is still alive, I cannot find out. While mystery deepens our intersect, some more information would be appreciated.

sherry nelms

sherry nelms fab

sherry nelms cherry

sherry nelms chic






One comment

  1. I am so loving that arm cuff — something for the summer, perhaps.

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