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Paulette: Feather in your Cap

To be the greatest designer in Paris is a title that most fashion houses would cut their limbs off for. So when one house achieves such a lofty award and to maintain that title is remarkable. If you are a hat fiend, that goes to Paulette. Born Paulette Adam de la Bruyere in 1900. Her […]

Virginie Gautreau: Alabaster and Lavender D√©colletage

To be immortalised, frozen in time as a great beauty and muse to a great artist would appeal to anyone. For one woman, this dream proved to be meaningless. Virginie Gautreau. Born Virginie Amelie Avegno on 29th January 1859 in New Orleans. After her father was killed during the civil war, aged 8 she and […]

Costa Rica: A Luscious Land

A country that has recently caught my attention as a possible paradise to visit. Ecotourism is a fascinating area of tourism that sees wildlife as a source of income for the locals. Striking a fine balance between creating an infrastructure for tourists but not destroying the nature that is bring in the tourism. One country […]

Robert Maguire: Persuit of the Lurid

If one is a fan of the female form, hard boiled crime are a likely source of titilation. Cheesecake pin-ups usually depicts the sweetheart. Crime noir usually depicts the femme fatale, the bad girl who will do whatever she needs to in order to get what she wants. Lurid titles such as ‘I Prefer Girls’, […]

Coveted Bag: Roberta Di Camerino Bagonghi Bag

Italy has gifted the world with many designers (Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Versace, Armani, Valentino etc). While the fortunes of fashion houses rise and fall depending on the fads and fancies of the day. One atelier in particular has remained strangely silent despite never lacking in the chic stakes. You may not have heard of Roberta Di […]

Evening Perfume

Whilst I could never claim to be green fingered or even vaguely knowledgable. Exotic flowers are so bewitching, one does not need to be a gardener to appreciate their beauty or scent. What has caught my interest recently is the concept of flowers that only bloom once night fall. Such a seductive concept, by day […]

Femlin: Flirting with Mischief

THIS POST CONTAINS NUDITY. Every so often, one sees an image and a connection is made. Far beyond just finding a picture pleasing, even beautiful. It speaks to something deep within, like you have been searching for them your life ¬†(and you were not know that you were searching for it). From my own personal […]

Pauline Lepage: Breathless Sylph

Tightlacing is a sensual and sexual practice that makes me go weak at the knees. Exaggerated, exteme but never dull. The discipline, time, effort, holding ones breath, tight pulling of strings. Once the ideal has been realised; the hastening to keep one in place. One woman understood this ritual better than most in the 20th […]

Mr John: If You Please

Whether you know him as John P. John or Mr John, his legacy of chic headwear means that a name in inconsequential. Born John Pico Harberger on 14th March 1902 in Munich Germany. First studying medicine at the University of Lucerne, Then art at the Sorbonne. Immigrating to the U.S. in 1919, John began his […]