Pauline Lepage: Breathless Sylph

Tightlacing is a sensual and sexual practice that makes me go weak at the knees. Exaggerated, exteme but never dull. The discipline, time, effort, holding ones breath, tight pulling of strings. Once the ideal has been realised; the hastening to keep one in place. One woman understood this ritual better than most in the 20th century. Pauline Lepage.

Why so many enchanting models are seemingly without a past is frustrating. Especially if one has a blog and wishes to spread the word of her appeal. All I can tell you is that she was working around the 1950’s in Paris, her waist measured at 17.7 inches (impressive but hard work to maintain such a tiny figure). Glamorous, maybe. But hardly revealing. Whilst Lepage was a slim lady, don’t believe that her waist was the result of healthy living alone. I am certain that she would have  trained her waist over a period of months, possibly years. Since she was a more recent model, this would not have been part of popular fashion and trends.  Sure most would agree, her efforts were not in vain.

pauline lepage profile

pl recline

pauline lepage mannequin



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