Evening Perfume

Whilst I could never claim to be green fingered or even vaguely knowledgable. Exotic flowers are so bewitching, one does not need to be a gardener to appreciate their beauty or scent. What has caught my interest recently is the concept of flowers that only bloom once night fall. Such a seductive concept, by day just a tightly folded bud, when the sunsets; they come alive. Revealing their charms and secrets, enjoying the night time sounds. Then the sun rises and she retreats into herself and the cycle starts anew. I must point out that these are only a selection of my preferred choices, there are others but I thought they were not as beguiling. Hopefully some of you may enjoy these blooms in your own gardens either today or tomorrow.

Brahma Kamal


Dragon Fruit Flower

pink dragon fruit flower

Moon flower

moon flower

moonflower open

Night Blooming Water Lilies

night blooming water lilies

Queen of the Night

queen of the night



One comment

  1. Gorgeous! XO I am an avid gardener when I have the land. All I can claim to, right now, is an Orchid which loves where it is sitting and the same with an African Violet. 🙂

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