Coveted Bag: Roberta Di Camerino Bagonghi Bag

Italy has gifted the world with many designers (Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Versace, Armani, Valentino etc). While the fortunes of fashion houses rise and fall depending on the fads and fancies of the day. One atelier in particular has remained strangely silent despite never lacking in the chic stakes. You may not have heard of Roberta Di Camerino before (I certainly had not until yesterday). This high end  label was always unique compared to her other cousins in couture. She is the only luxury label to be based on Venice. What ensured Di Camerino’s place in handbag history was her iconic Bagonghi bag. Named after a humorous term for little person, this petite hangbag has  adored by stars such as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Gina Lollobrigida and Isabella Rossellini. Seeing it you can understand why this wee bag’s appeal. Unlike most bags, the Bagonghi is focused on the width rather then depth for storage. With a sturdy yet sophisticated top handle, a push lock closure (my favourite style of bag fastener).  Her use of ‘Soprarizzi’ velvet was a tribute to to traditional Venetian style, yet in more recent editions do come in leather and other finishes. What may put others off buying this bag (beside the high price) is the lack of depth. Fortunately on her website you can acquire Bangoghi that are more generous in depth (third picture from the top). A little R is an understated way of advertising which make this bag is. Now for the rub, if you wish to have the Bangoghi you may need to give up luxuries like food and heating. Based in the research I have done, £1000 and upwards seems to be the going rate.

I would be tempted to buy a larger Bangoghi, the smaller ones are simply impractical, especially for that kind of money. But I do believe that this bag is too expensive.

roberta di camerino bagoghi velvet


di camerino sleek

di camerino shine

di camerino plush




di camerino lush



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  1. I do like the look of the smaller bags, better…

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