Costa Rica: A Luscious Land

A country that has recently caught my attention as a possible paradise to visit. Ecotourism is a fascinating area of tourism that sees wildlife as a source of income for the locals. Striking a fine balance between creating an infrastructure for tourists but not destroying the nature that is bring in the tourism. One country seems to have found the best of both worlds. Costa Rica.

Sharing a border with Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the South. Costa Rica is unique in that unlike many of her neightbours in Central America. She has never endured major social strife or instability. In fact Costa Rica has not had an army 1949 (after a brutal civil war). Placing them in a fortunate position were any funding which would have gone into the military; has gone into education. A wise decision that means Costa Rica has the highest literacy rate in Central America.

Considering how small a country Costa Rica is (0.1% of the world’s landmass). Her environment is extraordinarily rich, approximately 5% of global biodiversity. Of all her forests, 25% is reserved in protected national parks. With so much rainforest safe from development, Costa Rica has developed her ecotourism; boosting the economy but not destroying the environment. Unsurprisingly Costa Rica is a one of the greenest countries and are pioneers of sustainable environment policies. Costa Ricans have a saying ‘Pura Vida’ which translate as pure life. On its own, it does not sound inspiring. However in the context of nature, stability and a tropical climate. It is appropriately uplifting.

Costa Rica waterfall

monteverde cloud rainforest

costa rica beach

Nauyaca falls CR

Caluba Puerto Rica

Widescreen Exotic Flowers Wallpapers


CR free frog


Tapir surf



  1. Lovely country and post !

  2. Gorgeous! Aa lot of people from the US try to retire in Costa Rica.

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