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Coveted Bag: Hermes Drag Bag

Hermes, you are peculiar. You have an enviable archive yet you retire them. Focusing, it would appear on the same bags (Birkin, Kelly and a few which are too insignificant to mention). If you create a bag that is timeless and fabulous, why not keep it going? Setting aside this issue, I have found another […]

Kimono: Ageless Robes

After my last post on Cheongsams, it is only right that the spotlight be shone on another iconic dress with as rich a history. Japan’s national garment, the Kimono. A more loose fitting robe with sleeve hems that are almost at ground level. Used for most formal occasions (weddings, tea ceremonies and funeral), older women […]

Ethel Granger: Fervent Focus

After several tightlacing posts, you may be wonder who hold the record for the smallest waist. Ethel Granger with an eye watering 13 inches! However the story behind this extreme modification is not so clear cut. When Granger was born is not clear, she was likely born in 1900. However this is not just Ethel’s […]


There are so many words that spring to mind when one is describes gothic. Dark, morbid, old and creepy. However I have often felt that the one word that should be used more when describing goth style. Elegant. Of all subcultures I was intrigued by as a teenager (punk, grunge mostly influenced by the kind […]

Coveted Bag: Comtesse Audrey Bag

If anyone is hoping for a huge variety of different bags, sorry but this is not that site. I have a specific taste in bags, that is no secret. Structured, retro inspired and uncompromising in its beauty. Any bag that adheres to that motif will likely to feature on this site. In searching for more […]

Legroux Soeurs: Prestige

Handbags maybe my true love, but hats are my mistress. Whether simple or opulent, headwear can enhance (or distract) the wearer depending on the intention. Paris is not known as the fashion capital of the world for no good reason. Two sisters in particular held their chic court. The Legroux Soeurs. (Translates as Legroux sisters), […]

Summer By Moschino

Summer is getting closer as we speak. Being able to free our feet from the stifling effects of having to keep warm. To wear more relaxed fits of clothes (especially dresses) and show off a little skin. My adoration of Moschino is hardly a secret, now I have decided that their lovely summer wear deserves […]

Jessica Eisner: Minx Magnetism

Have never been impressed with the term ‘plus size model’. Like models who are not stick thin have to be treated as a separate species. Why we cannot just say model, is a mystery to me. You either have magnetism, come alive in front of the camera or you don’t. Jessica Eisner, an Australian model […]

Helen Williams: Enchanté

Beauty is beauty. It is not a rigid concept that dictates that you HAVE to be anything. Regardless of this, western society has been (and to certain extend still is) rather tyrannical in promoting one version of female beauty. So historically speaking, imagine such rigidity combined with racism. Can only imagine how any non Caucasian […]

Coveted Bag: Straeter Lite-On Bag

A bag’s exterior is what we judge when deciding if it worth our money. Is it appealing? Well made? Suitable for your needs? However sometimes what appears to be average, becomes extraordinary when we look inside. When I first saw this bag, I was intrigued. Then I saw the interior and that’s what captured me […]