Coveted Bag: Hermes 404 Sac Bag

Hermes has a great heritage, though there is no faulting their current pieces. I do prefer their archieve bags, styles that you never see. Timeless Parisian handbag chic at its finest. Here is one of Hermes’ most impeccable unsung treasure; 404 sac.

As to when the 404 was first unveiled, I am not totally sure. Based on the limited information, I would estimate the 1960’s; not traditionally a fan of 60’s styles. However since fashions do not start and finish cleanly as soon as a decade begins, some cross over is inevitable. In keeping with my preferred style, a top handle with a gold frame with a matching push lock top closure. Always a chic method of ensuring that ones contents stays safe. A generous depth; not as much the Sac Mallette bag, but workable. Given that this is a rare edition, recent Internet auction sites have seen the 404 go for approximately £5,000-7,000. Some would argue that this bag does not offer enough room to justify such a sky high price. On a personal note, I would not buy the exotic skin versions (crocodile, python etc). These might excuse in part why this bag is so expensive. An exquisite bag, no doubt or question about it. But until I stumble across a spare £7,000, this is another bag dream.

hermes 404 sleek

hermes 404 sac croc

hermes 404 side croc



  1. Sigh, I’m afraid that I do like the exotic skin bag — don’t judge me. XO

    1. To each their own. X

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