Jessica Eisner: Minx Magnetism

Have never been impressed with the term ‘plus size model’. Like models who are not stick thin have to be treated as a separate species. Why we cannot just say model, is a mystery to me. You either have magnetism, come alive in front of the camera or you don’t. Jessica Eisner, an Australian model (technically a plus size) expanded her horizons and is being justly rewarded.

Based in Victoria, Australia, Eisner began as a model. However when her uncle gave her a camera, she knew that she had vision and the means of catering it. Self taught, Eisner chanelled her love of the female form. Of curves, the voluptuous and the buxom. Using both modern and retro style, Eisner has worked for Italian Vogue, Inked, and various Australian magazines. For me Eisner ticks allot of boxes for me; one she is stunning. Secondly she is inspired by the likes of Helmut Newton, Ellen Von Unwerth and Bunny Yeager (excellent taste). Lastly her work is wonderful; glossy, luscious and seductive. Eisner knows how to capture the essence of her models, because she understands that beauty does not come from your clothes size. It is the way she moves, contorts, looks. Recently Eisner has collaborated with the queen of retro glamour photography, Dita Von Teese.

Hopefully Eisner is just warming up.

JE silk

jessica eisner herself

JE lux

jessica e face





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  1. Gorgeous! XO

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