Legroux Soeurs: Prestige

Handbags maybe my true love, but hats are my mistress. Whether simple or opulent, headwear can enhance (or distract) the wearer depending on the intention. Paris is not known as the fashion capital of the world for no good reason. Two sisters in particular held their chic court. The Legroux Soeurs.

(Translates as Legroux sisters), was established by Germaine and Heloise Legroux in 1913. Initally based in Roubaix, but they managed to secure a coveted place in Paris on the Rue Cambon in 1917. With such a prime position, it took only two years for the company to become successful. A particular high point came in 1937, when the sisters collaborated with Cristobal Balenciaga, a highly sophisticated union.Unsurprisingly Vogue magazine would often feature these remarkable items.

For such an esteemed couture milliner; what happened to Germaine and Heloise and the company seems to a mystery. There is absolutely no information available. I am rather disappointed that I cannot finish this entry with a better ending. Still, I can leave you all with some of their treasured creations.

LS veil

LS touch of bow

LS vogue

LS ornate


lagroux soeurs black silk hat


One comment

  1. Amazing pieces of Art. To find one would be heaven. Sigh~

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