Coveted Bag: Comtesse Audrey Bag

If anyone is hoping for a huge variety of different bags, sorry but this is not that site. I have a specific taste in bags, that is no secret. Structured, retro inspired and uncompromising in its beauty. Any bag that adheres to that motif will likely to feature on this site. In searching for more charming bags, I have discovered yet another noted luxury label. Comtesse, and her beguiling Audrey bag.

Established in 1929 by A.D Kopp, Comtesse is not as well known as Gucci or Prada. But who cares about which brand has a higher profile or whom has more glossy adverts. Quality is quality, chic is chic. So when I came across the Audrey bag, I could appreciate her charms.

Typical for this site. A structured and retro style, a single top handle and a two tone clasp. As to other features, there is very little information available. Why the Internet is failing to keep everyone abreast of information on lesser known areas, I will never know. As to pricing, I would estimate that since Comtesse uses exotic leather £1000 would be a safe estimate. On another note, I don’t like brown nor exotic leathers. But with so few pictures available, I wanted to show an older Audrey.

comtesse audrey

vintage comtesse bag


One comment

  1. Ohh — I like this one in black. Very nice!

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