There are so many words that spring to mind when one is describes gothic. Dark, morbid, old and creepy. However I have often felt that the one word that should be used more when describing goth style. Elegant. Of all subcultures I was intrigued by as a teenager (punk, grunge mostly influenced by the kind of music I was just discovering), goth always seemed the sophisticated. Not just the fashion; literature, history, art and architecture. So I have elected to focus on the key points of gothic style. Please note that I am only interested in classic features of horror chic, some of the more modern interpretations of gothicism(cyber, punk etc) are not going to included. This is just my own preference and version of gothic chic. Yes allot of these have already been included in other posts about fashion, now I feel that I am focused solely on this particular sub section. Anyway, chic is timeless.

What separates true gothic style from simply recycling old Halloween costumes is simplicity. When you look at the clothing of these gothic style icons, the dresses worn have few adornment. The only other common feature is the long sleeve length that resembles a kimono. Burgundy, crimson, purple, forest green and dark blue also work for goth credentials.

Nails- Typically long almost talon like. Common choices of colour are black or red. Though short and dark will suffice.

Make Up- Bold and dark are the preferred choice of these mistresses. Red, Burgundy or any dark colour is appropriate (black lipstick is a tacky cliche). Eyes can be very elaborate or simple but black kohl is important. Again dark colours are the way to go. Choosing to line the whole eye, add a dark shadow. Or maybe a simple cats eye. If one is inspired by that other gothic stylist, the wicked stepmother. Purple eyeliner can be applied.

Hair- Black, black black. As to how to wear a goth friendly do, anyway is feasible. Though Bettie Page is a common inspiration.

Accessories- Gothic chic for women is hyper feminine, so anything that enhances ones womanhood is gold. Corsets, high heels, leather or latex outfits, lace. Spider web, Ancient Egyptian symbols, and anything associated with death and darkness makes for added sophistication.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark


mistress elvira

Morticia Addams

morticia addams

morticia addams carolyn jones

Lily Munster

THE MUNSTERS, Yvonne De Carlo, 1964-66

THE MUNSTERS, Yvonne De Carlo, 1964-66

Lily Munster





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  1. I always think of the very pale complexions — pasty. Though Kristen Stewart wears the pale skin well.

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