Ethel Granger: Fervent Focus

After several tightlacing posts, you may be wonder who hold the record for the smallest waist. Ethel Granger with an eye watering 13 inches! However the story behind this extreme modification is not so clear cut.

When Granger was born is not clear, she was likely born in 1900. However this is not just Ethel’s story (even though it is her body), it is her husband’s too. Also born in 1900, William and Ethel were in the early stage of their marriage (1920’s) an average couple. Ethel wore   fashionable loose fitting clothes, as most 20 something’s would. However, William’s vision of womanhood did not match that of his wife. What William coveted was the wasp waist, classic hourglass figures. After much persuasion, Ethel began to train her waist. Nothing unusual so far. What is peculiar, is that once Ethel’s waist reached 19 inches. William was still not satisfied, he wanted to reduce his wife figure even further! Yet again Ethel objected, but again William persuaded her to see things his way. Ethel ended up wearing her corset morning  noon and night. Given the time and energy, Ethel finally achieved the figure of her husband’s dream. 13 inches! Now some of you maybe wondering how can a midriff be reduced to such a minuscule size. If you measure your neck, that is the smallest your organs can be restricted.

In addition to her tight lacing, Ethel wore extemely high heel constantly and an assortment of piercing. Yes at William’s request. Ethel was turned from an ordinary girl into a fetishist fever dream woman. Both aged 77, 1982 saw both Ethel and William leave this mortal coil.

As to whether this is a marriage of exploitation, as far as I can see in unclear. William does appear to be controlling of his wife, it is one thing to have a fetish for clinched waists. However since domestic abusers do dictate what their partner can and cannot wear, I do wonder how forceful William was. Or maybe Ethel liked being her husband’s creation. Unfortunately since there appears to be little information from Ethel herself. We can only speculate. While I cannot argue against the severe beauty of Ethel’s figure, but if this achieved under duress. A dark shadow could be cast over Ethel Granger’s achievement.

Ethyl Granger



  1. Interesting, disturbing story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hmmm, Ethel may have been in an abusive relationship or she may have been a part of the start of BDSM. As a submissive, she may have taken great joy in what William wanted — and tried to serve him as best she could. Who knows?!?!

    1. Well that is possible. What makes me slightly doubt that is that she initially refused all of William’s requests. If they were on the same page, then surely she would have agreed willingly? She did not seem into fetish fashion until her husband ‘suggested’ it to her. Does not help that we don’t get to hear from Ethel herself.
      What do you think?

      1. You would have to be really disciplined to create a waist like that….she had to be getting something somewhere or avoiding something terrible…..who knows. They lived a full life cycle.

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