Coveted Bag: Hermes Drag Bag

Hermes, you are peculiar. You have an enviable archive yet you retire them. Focusing, it would appear on the same bags (Birkin, Kelly and a few which are too insignificant to mention). If you create a bag that is timeless and fabulous, why not keep it going? Setting aside this issue, I have found another vintage Hermes bag. This time, their Drag bag.

Debuting in 1964, this heritage piece is a sophisticated shoulder bag.  Supple leather exterior, double handles and a double flap fastener on the front. Why such a chic bag was given an uninspiring name is another mystery to me.

If this bag looks contemporary, it is likely due to how much the Drag bag looks like Mulberry’s Bayswater bag. How aware Mulberry was of Drag’s exisistence is up for debate. Since we are talking about Hermes, it should come as no surprise that this bag is very expensive. Prices seem to start from about £1,500 and go up sharply. If I were obscenely wealthy I would add this charming bag to my collection.

hermes side drag


hermes drag black


hermes drag red


One comment

  1. Oh, I do like this one! Better than the traditional Hermes bags…XO

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