Monthly Archives: June 2015

Andrew Gn: Strutting in Splendour

Born in Singapore, a cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures and where West and East blend beautifully together. No doubt this would have played its part in moulding Andrew Gn’s vision in later life. Gn’s first love at school was history and art. After graduating for the prestigious St Martin’s School of Art plus a master’s in […]

Hollywood Handbag Heritage

For the most part, I am indifferent to celebrity’s handbag preferences. Since most ‘celebrities’ bore me, by default so do their fashion choices. What intrigues me more are what the old stars of Hollywood used as arm candy. Granted most stars did not seem to abide by the now common place rule of only wearing […]

Gong Li: Sumptuous in Velvet

Another day, another post about one of China’s biggest stars. Today it is Gong Li’s turn. Born on 31st December 1965 in Shenyang, China. After failing to enter into music school, Li was accepted into Central Academy of Drama Beijing in 1986, though Li graduated in 1989. She did not have to wait until graduation, […]

Classiest Consumption

Typically, we Brits are go gaga for a cup of ‘English’ tea. An oxymoron really since we don’t actually grow any tea on our isles. We just drink so damn much of it! However I am not a fan of the English style of tea drinking. Coffee on the other hand, I am a sucker […]

Josephine Baker: When, I Owned Paris

A pioneer who defined the prejudice of society and made her own success. Most of the fads of Hollywood can be traced back her. Fearless and fabulous, she was known by many names; Black Venus, Black Pearl, Creole Goddess. Behold the icon, Josephine Baker. Born Freda Jospehine Baker on 3rd June 1906 in St. Louis, […]

Apsara: Celestial Beings

For about a year or so, I have fallen under the spell of the magnificent Angkor Wat. Awesome in scale, splendid in history and breathtaking in majesty. From the many pictures I have seen of Angkor and its many carvings, I came across some interesting carvings. Depicting some marvellous looking women, who are they? It […]

Gulabi Gang: The Amazons Of India

In recent years India has been the in spotlight for their treatment of women and in particular the horrific gang rape and death of a student on a bus in Delhi. With the seemingly rampant sexual violence and the historic lack action on part of the Indian police, it would appear that India’s women are […]

Polaire: Chanteuse

Further indulging my fascination with Waist trainers of the past, we have the extreme achievements of Polaire. Born Emelie Marie Bouchard on 14th May 1874 in Algiers, Algeria. Her early life was tumultuous, shifting between Algeria and France. Aged 17, Emelie began singing with her brother Edmund; already an established cafe singer. Adopting the stage […]

Hetaerae: Succulent Garden

No occupation is as polarising or divisive as prostitution. Whether one is talking about street level or high end prostitution, most hold the oldest profession with scorn and contempt.  At best many prostitutes are viewed with pity and worst as human filth worthy of being throw on the scrap heap of man. Certainly not a […]

Ceil Chapman: Exuberance

Cocktail dresses are always in vogue and impossible to really get wrong. Yet, few have heard of the designer and label who gave us this chic dress. Ceil Chapman. Born Cecilia Mitchell 1912 (sadly there is no more details about the date of month). New York native embarked on her first foray into high fashion […]