Delectable Minaudières

To some including myself, the idea of a bag/purse substitute is preposterous. Why would one not want to have an elegant bag adorning your outfit? However, after coming across a more than acceptable alternative. I am smitten with these particular pieces of glamour. Minaudières are a kind of compact, which instead of providing just powder and a mirror. They can contain sections for glasses, lipstick, keys and any other accessories a lady might need whilst enjoying herself. Invented by Charles Arpels (of Van Cleef & Arpels) in the 1934. Often bejewelled with a separate handles if one should wish to use their Minaudière as an evening bag.

Sadly, it would appear that Minaudières have been designed to a mere museum piece. Possibly because clutch bags have taken the place of these trinkets, allowing room for whatever else one desires to have with them. Progress can have its casualties, but I am sure that Minaudières can enjoy a comeback from some chic lady who loves to add beauty to her own accessories.

VCA minaudiere rose set

minaudiere werber clutch

volupte vanity bag II

volupte vanity bag III

vintage bag I

vintage bag II

vintage bag III

Volupte vanity gem

VCA Minaudiere



  1. How absolutely fabulous! I want one. XO

  2. Michelle Rawlins · · Reply

    I found one in a thrift store today and I absolutely love it. I would love to know when it was made but there is no brand on it.

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