Coveted Bag: Lederer Watch Bag

As is sometimes the case. One finds a superb vintage bag picture, but you do not know the brand name. How do you find out? It’s is not as if there is a database of bag designs, punch in the details you know, and you find a close enough match. For a good few years, I had found a dandy picture of a vintage leather bag with a pocket watch attached at the front. I kept a watchful eye out for any obscure labels that fitted this specific motif. By chance, I saw a picture of the same bag on a website Victoria Snowe, a site specialising in exotic leather vintage bags. Yes, I still dislike exotic leathers. But thanks to Miss Snowe I found the name of the brand who spawned this charming bag. Not a noted name but Lederer of Paris had boutiques in New York, Paris, London, Vienna, Berlin and Budapest. Founded in 1898 by Ludwig Lederer, Lederer began using the pocket watch style since the 1960’s.

Unlike some of the more recent editions to Coveted Bag, the Watch bag is a slightly larger bag. More akin to a doctors bag; with a top handle with a top push clasp fasteners and a gold frame. Two inside pockets and a separate coin purse. Yes the watch is detachable so if you wish to try to resurrect the pocket watch you do it even more effortlessly. Now, the price. A limited amount, high end leather and coveted by many vintage bag fiends. Of the few prices I have seen online, anything over £1000 would seem plausable. If I could acquire the funds and the bag, I would gladly splurge.

vintage bag with clock


lederer hangbag with watch


lederer interior




One comment

  1. If you are going to splurge — this is the piece. Delightful, different and with whimsy.

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