Apsara: Celestial Beings

For about a year or so, I have fallen under the spell of the magnificent Angkor Wat. Awesome in scale, splendid in history and breathtaking in majesty. From the many pictures I have seen of Angkor and its many carvings, I came across some interesting carvings. Depicting some marvellous looking women, who are they? It turns out that that these ladies are not decorative. These are Apsaras.

Apsaras are nymph like beings in the less known Hindu myths, known for being seductive and enthralling. Dwelling in palaces, seducing both men and gods. Said to be gifted dancers who inspire dancers in Cambodia to this day. Wearing ornate costumes, showcasing the type of moves that would please the Apsaras themselves if they were watching. Effectively they were the Eastern versions of the more Western concepts of angels. Obviously there is more erotic angle with their Anglo cousins.

Who would not want to be entertained by these charming icons?

apsara AW

aspara II

aspara cambodia


One comment

  1. An erotic angel? I can aspire to that! My mind is whirling with possibilities. XO

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