Andrew Gn: Strutting in Splendour

Born in Singapore, a cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures and where West and East blend beautifully together. No doubt this would have played its part in moulding Andrew Gn’s vision in later life. Gn’s first love at school was history and art. After graduating for the prestigious St Martin’s School of Art plus a master’s in the equally famed Domus Academy. Gn served under Emmanual Ungaro in 1995 as his assistant for a year, thanks to such a valuable tutelage. Gn launched his own label in 1996. Like many of the designer’s who I have chosen to feature on this site. Gn is obviously a fan of the female frame, ensuring that his clothes flatter and fit superbly. Mixes Asian, Western influences both historic and recent; sets Gn apart from other designers wishing to ‘do Asia’.

Celebrities such as Gong Li, have adorned and looked resplendent in Gn’s gown. Showcasing Gn’s ability to elevate the female form into something evenmore extraordinary.

Watch this space.

andrew gn gothic

andrew gn voila

pink layering

andrew gn couture

gong li in andrew gn


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  1. Gorgeous Goth! XO

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