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Renee Perle: Eccentricity

What makes a muse? Why are some people able to inspire in another a lightning bold moment of brilliance, yet another does not? Inspiration is just like attraction wholy subjective, unable to be analysed. What excites one may leave another cold. Born in 1904 in Romania, little is known about Perle. Except that in 1930 […]

Adele Mildred: Requisite Vermillion

To call a woman ‘the most fabulous women in London’, is a lofty title. London is a wonderful city, full of whimsical artists who dance to their own rhythm. Pioneers who look inside out and upside down. So when I believe that I have found the aforementioned femme totale; I assure you she is breathtaking. […]

Intelligence is an Aphrodisiac

Seducing someone is pretty easy. Say the right thing, touch them in the perfect places, wearing appealing attire (or not). While attraction is subjective; attracting a person physically is a short term talent. But to seduce a person’s mind is far harder. If you are someone who turns to jelly at the sound of someone […]

Fernandes Desgranges: Flashes of Sophistication

Why some brands endure and others just fade into obscurity is a mystery. Like Anne Marie of Paris and Straeter, certain luxury labels simply vanish without any information as to why. Here is yet another designer who has dropped of the face of the Earth, Fernandes Desgranges. From 1940’s until 1967, Fernandes Desgranges products were […]

Chas Ray Krider: Suite of Iniquity

(THIS POST CONTAINS NUDITY) Has noticed the work of one Chas Ray Krider. Born in the 1950’s, it is clear that he misses a bygone era of America he only just missed himself. Where I believe this acclaimed fetish photographer excels (and in excess) are his Motel Fetish Pictorials. Motels have a strange place in […]

Off With Her Head II

More exquisite examples of delicate and delectable headwear. Though hats are appearing rude in health, I do long for a time when such fine hats were not for special occasions. When ladies sought after these hats because they enjoyed them. When you enjoy something, and you have a visible spring in your step because you […]

Victor Noir: Enduring Arousal

For centuries women have turned to totems, inanimate objects to bring either love or a child. Nothing new there, one infamous source of feminine longing has a more unusual tale. At the famed Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Resting place for the likes of Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Honore de Balzac, Frederic Chopin, […]

Liz Goldwyn: Savoir Faire

A famous name can take you far, but to have a lasting, meaningful career. Takes brains, vision and in the case of Liz Goldwyn, an appreciation of beauty. Born on 25th December 1976 in Los Angeles, California. If Goldwyn’s name sounds familiar, that’s because Goldwyn’s grandfather was Studio mogul Samuel Goldwyn. With a background coloured […]

Pieces of the Past

My kind of art, my type, my pin-ups. What makes me salivate, bite my lip, lust, crave, desire, want above other things. What is an especially nice touch, is the Gaultier bustier bag. Why oh does Monsieur Gaultier not include handbags in his ready to wear collections? One of life’s mysteries I suppose. Rosenfeld   […]

Splashing Around

Occasionally one misses the glaringly obvious. How, during the middle of summer, could I have not done a post featuring swimwear?! Apologises dear readers, I shall remedy this problem. When you are confident with your physique, choosing your swimwear is breeze. However if, like me, you have odd moments of feeling self conscious. You can […]