Dolce Vivetta

First Italy gave us Moschino and now she has given us a mischievous younger sister to entertain us. To bring a sweet, retro sense of fashion. Presenting Vivietta.

Conceived by Vivetta Ponti, based on her adoration of nostalgia. Vivetta the label was born in 2009 in Milan. Prior to having her eponymous label. Ponti worked with Roberto Cavalli, honing her skills. Now we have Vivetta, with sugar-coated designs, surrealist touches and abiding feminine feel. Just a few of my favourite, funny fashion choices. Though I do understand if some are put off by the cutesy, little girl elements. Personally, a bit of kitsch is always a treat.

Not as famed as Moschino but I am sure that Vivetta will rise to the level of Italian fashion heavyweight.

collar by vivetta

vivetta facing


vivetta pink kitsch


vivetta dots


vivetta cardigan




One comment

  1. Very sweet! I don’t think it is quite for me, but it is a brand that will be fun to watch. XO

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