Viva Fleurette of Miami

What I love about vintage handbag designers is discovering charming curios, styles that you have not seen before. At the very least you can see pieces that have obviously inspired designers such as Lulu Guinness. A true treasure trove that rarely tires. So I have found another vintage handbag house; Fleurette of Miami.

This would be the section in the entry when I would regale you readers with a history of the label. Sadly I cannot do that, once again I have been encountered a serious lack of information. Some sources claim that Faye Mell (either the main designer for Fleurette or a guest designer) was based in Miami after moving from Los Angeles. Some claim that Fleurette was actually made in Italy not Miami. Possibly both claims are true, I just cannot tell you. From the pieces features that I enjoyed the most, a quirky retro feel seems to be a common theme. The top three pictures appear to be based on the old style train case. Certainly a solid frame that makes a practical yet chic bay bag.  Two metal top handles and matching frame. The bag opens up two top sections providing easy and secure access.

The final bag is more kitsch, with a Las Vegas theme front. A sweet little evening bag, a good conversation piece. But limiting in use. When and why did Fleurette diminish? Again I don’t know. Maybe fashion changed and Fleurette lost its core customers. Still, they do not seem to be pricey so if one wishes to have a piece of Miami bag history. A spare £60 should do to the trick.

fleurette of miami black

fleurette-of-miami golden

fleurette of miami inside

faye mell las vegas


One comment

  1. What fun! I love the top three. It would be fun to find out more — I wonder if the handbag design houses keep information on their past competitors…hmmm…

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