Classic Sweethearts

Against the backdrop of war, death, displacement and destruction. A distraction was needed; a slice of home, something ideal yet familiar. A new glorified art form was born. Cheesecake pin-ups. With soldiers being stationed abroad, facing mortality and homesickness. Now more then ever, GIs craved a friendly face preferably with an equally friendly figure. Thus the role of Pin-up actresses were born.

Rita Hayworth was so explosive that when the U.S detonated the 4th ever atomic bomb, it had Hayworth’s image (see last image) on it. Though meant as a compliment, Hayworth apparently hated the gesture. Betty Grable on the other hand enjoyed a less ‘explosive’ legacy; the iconic image (see top image) of her glancing over her shoulder made her the most famous pin-up of WWII. Veronica Lake, raised money for war bonds in addition to having her pictures adorn the lockers of soldiers. Lake even cut off her trademark peek-a-boo hair do since the same women who copied her hair style were now needed to to work machinery. As beautiful as her hair style was, not really suitable when handling heavy equipment and generally dirty work. So a more practical do was needed at the government’s urging.

Some stunning pictures that sparked a legacy of beautiful art and later photography. Icons never die.


veronica-lake luscious

Rita siren




  1. Ahhh, the Cheesecake Pin-ups — gorgeous with their sense of sexy and fun! XO

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