Splashing Around

Occasionally one misses the glaringly obvious. How, during the middle of summer, could I have not done a post featuring swimwear?! Apologises dear readers, I shall remedy this problem. When you are confident with your physique, choosing your swimwear is breeze. However if, like me, you have odd moments of feeling self conscious. You can feel pressured to shy away from swimming, especially when all you see around you are nubile, taut bodies in very skimpy bikinis. Please do not interpret that I am in anyway body shaming women with skinny figure, if that is your natural frame then you should be proud. If you like wearing thong bikinis, then enjoy (personally I don’t like thongs. I hate the feeling of having fabric stuck in my crack). All that I aim to do with this post is simply showing another kind of swimwear. An alternative if you are body shy and an excuse to show my preferred pin-ups in retro swimwear. Where I believe retro bathing suits and bikinis have an edge over the more modern bathing wear, is that your ‘problem area’ are covered but you are still swim ready. Some may feel that older style beach wear is too restrictive. While more of you is covered you, if you are feeling better about yourself. Your confidence will shine through, making you look even better. The secret of looking good, is wearing what you enjoy and allowing that joy to shine through. What separates stylish people from the rest is that the stylish wear their clothes. Own it and wear it. The clothes never wear them.

Red beach

dotty about betty

Ava sunkissed

Elizabeth Taylor lilac

pink and parasol

RH bikini

betty grable pin up


One comment

  1. When all else fails — I can hop into the pool and swim a few laps, my embarrassment fades because I swim really well.;)
    Gotta have some saving grace from a muscular figure….XO

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