Liz Goldwyn: Savoir Faire

A famous name can take you far, but to have a lasting, meaningful career. Takes brains, vision and in the case of Liz Goldwyn, an appreciation of beauty.

Born on 25th December 1976 in Los Angeles, California. If Goldwyn’s name sounds familiar, that’s because Goldwyn’s grandfather was Studio mogul Samuel Goldwyn. With a background coloured with glamour and rich in history, Goldwyn chose to study at The School of Visual Arts in New York. In 1997, whilst still a student. Goldwyn chosen to curate and consult the newly formed fashion department in Sotheby’s. A highly prestigious position for one so young. During her tenure she oversaw auctions and exhibitions in Paris, Los Angeles, coordinating the Marlene Dietrich auction and the costume exhibition of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. After graduating in 1999, Goldwyn was hired as CEO for Shiseido America as a global consultant in March 2000. During her time at Shiseido Goldwyn began writing a two page column for Japanese magazine ‘Hanatsubaki’ titled ‘Liz Goldwyn: EYE’. EYE ran for eleven years, ending in 2011. From 2001-2002, Goldwyn moved on to ‘French Vogue’ as New York Editor (a strange paradox?). Goldwyn’s freelance writing has included The New York Times Magazine, Huffington Post, British Vogue, Daily Beast and Financial Times.

2002 saw Goldwyn launch her debut jewellery collection, even making jewellery for the 2006 film ‘Running with Scissors’. Goldwyn has directed many short films. Her first film was ‘Pretty Things’ about Burlesque. Followed by a book of the same name in 2006. Followed by ‘Underwater Ballet’ in 2008 and the ‘Painted Lady’ in 2011. With such acclaim for her Burlesque and costume work, Goldwyn has lectured at multiple universities including Museum of Fine Art, Fashion Institute of Technology and the Los Angeles County Museum of the Arts. She is even courts the likes of Dita Von Teese as a friend. Given that both are stylish, adore glamour and have a true respect for the fashion history. If all of these achievements weren’t enough, Goldwyn collaborated with MAC on make up bags and accessories.

To say that Goldwyn’s success was based solely on her connections is short sighted. Sure, they likely helped her in the beginning. But her vision and passion for vintage clothes and the history of costume, is her own. If she were just a privilege, posh girl who wanted to appear ‘cool’, I highly doubt she would have chosen the path she did. More than likely she would have latched on to the current fad. To curate a historical exhibition takes time, research and probably would go over the heads of the average air headed heiress. I have allot of time as respect for Goldwyn, hopefully she will spend more time in the UK bringing her acclaim for a British audience.

liz goldwyn

liz-goldwyn vintage

liz goldwyn rouge


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