Victor Noir: Enduring Arousal

For centuries women have turned to totems, inanimate objects to bring either love or a child. Nothing new there, one infamous source of feminine longing has a more unusual tale. At the famed Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Resting place for the likes of Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Honore de Balzac, Frederic Chopin, Marcel Proust and many many others. Amongst the noted deceased, one grave has a more ‘lively legacy’. Victor Noir.

During Noir’s lifetime. He was far from exceptional, certainly not on the same leave as his cemetery chums. A political journalist in the 19th Century, his death was that propelled him into the French consciousness. After being killed in a duel by Prince Pierre Bonaparte, Noir became a national martyr of imperial power and injustice. His funeral was a huge event, witnessed by hundreds of mourners and anti monarchists. His body was laid to rest with a bronze sculpture depicting a more realistic version of Noir. Nothing about this story reads as remotely strange, however one part of his anatomy is most interesting. A bulge around Noir’s crotch. For years after his death, women have rubbed themselves against Noir’s pelvis area. One reason for this tradition may trace back to the story that on the day of his death. Noir was due to marry. Now women even leave a flower under his hat in the hope of finding a husband. Even Dita Von Teese posed for photographs astride Noir. Sure Noir would be delighted to be so popular with the ladies even in death. If you ever see a picture of Noir’s grave, there is an obvious discolouration around the groin area. Despite attempts to curb women from committing frottage on a gravesite, women from all over the world wish to kiss or more with Noir.

For an average man, these posthumous encounters are staggering.

Grave of Victor Noir

straddling noir

victor noir kiss




  1. I love the main image.

  2. That’s one happy statue.

    1. Yes it really is

  3. Imagine the fantasies created while changing the color of that groin! XO

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