Chas Ray Krider: Suite of Iniquity


Has noticed the work of one Chas Ray Krider. Born in the 1950’s, it is clear that he misses a bygone era of America he only just missed himself. Where I believe this acclaimed fetish photographer excels (and in excess) are his Motel Fetish Pictorials. Motels have a strange place in American iconography. Sleazy is usually that spring to mind. A place where hookers ‘do business’, where couples meet who do not wish to be recognise when they play away from home. Criminals on the run who want a cheap place to rest at risk from being busted by the cops at any time.

So to have a series of pictures that show beautifully shot beautiful women in states of undress and languid limbs. What does help in addition to Krider’s clear skill with a camera is that he had the good sense to use Dita Von Teese.

Chas_Ray_Krider duo sofa

motel tv


nipple show

chas ray krider derriere


chas ray krider leg motel




  1. Very interesting! Someone new to me. XO

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