Fernandes Desgranges: Flashes of Sophistication

Why some brands endure and others just fade into obscurity is a mystery. Like Anne Marie of Paris and Straeter, certain luxury labels simply vanish without any information as to why. Here is yet another designer who has dropped of the face of the Earth, Fernandes Desgranges.

From 1940’s until 1967, Fernandes Desgranges products were known for their exceptional quality. With boutiques in Paris, Nice and Geneva, Desgranges was clearly a brand with a cache and a discerning clientele. Who Desgranges was, his story and company are a totally unknown. Now Desgranges, the company ceases to be. Why such a chic and well made brand has been forgotten is a real mystery. His bag were well made, beautiful and far from a ‘fad’. Certainly if Deagranges was still trading; I have no doubt that these bags would sell quickly with a loyal client base.

Still, a stylish legacy is more than most can ever hope for.

fernades desgranges burgundy bag


FD burgundy side view

FD vintage chic

fernande-desgrange vintage

fernande-desgranges vintage open

FD blanch



  1. The purses with watches always make me smile. Just fun.

    1. They are extra special x

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