Intelligence is an Aphrodisiac

Seducing someone is pretty easy. Say the right thing, touch them in the perfect places, wearing appealing attire (or not). While attraction is subjective; attracting a person physically is a short term talent. But to seduce a person’s mind is far harder. If you are someone who turns to jelly at the sound of someone educating you on a subject. You are likely a Sapiosexual, one is is aroused by intelligence.

On a purely personal bases, I am a bit of a Sapiophile. If someone who maybe average in appearance, but has a commanding intellect. They become more attraction in my eyes. Some may not find Marilyn Manson a typical Adonis, however I find his obvious intelligence enchanting. His vocabulary and vast knowledge, is hypnotic. Conversely, if I find someone who is easy on the eye. If they cannot hold a conversation or have anything interesting to say, then I will lose interest in them. Maybe I have a low threshhold for boredom. Some people put more emphasis on looking good, which of course is fine. We all want to look good and feel fabulous. When that is the only tool of seduction in your arsenal, you will only get so far in truly holding someone’s attention. What will you talk about? How will you find common ground? Bond outside of the bedroom? This, to me, is where geeks and nerds triumph. Their clear passion and love of acquiring knowledge in their chosen field of obsession translate whenever they speak. Are they concerned if they seem obsessive? No, it is likely that they would have been told at school that they were not cool. Still they did not give in to the pressure to not show how smart you are. What I especially aspire to is learning from those around me. When someone is more knowledgable than me on any topic, I find fascinating. If anyone tries to get you to curb your intellingence, that is a pathetic level of insecurity that is not worth your energy. Sadly people who are intimitated by clever people (especially women) are more common then I would like. If they try to make you feel uncomfortable, or that you are coming off as ‘know-it-all’. Ditch that vampire. Find others like you, who appreciate your cerebral prowess and encourage you rather than dissuade you.

An apt quote that sums up my sentiment said by John Waters; “If you go home with someone and they don’t have any books, don’t fuck them.” I could not agree more John.

book belle

Betty Brosmer glasses



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  1. Very true. I’m not into looks as much as conversation — but I have to mention that having the ability to make me laugh is a huge bonus. XO

  2. Sexy is a combination of things — and wit is a big part of it.

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