Adele Mildred: Requisite Vermillion

To call a woman ‘the most fabulous women in London’, is a lofty title. London is a wonderful city, full of whimsical artists who dance to their own rhythm. Pioneers who look inside out and upside down. So when I believe that I have found the aforementioned femme totale; I assure you she is breathtaking. Adele Mildred.

Born to Franco American parents, Mildred acquired a degree in fashion design. From here Mildred cultivated her unique vision, tailoring for celebrities and costume work in Los Angeles. She even made the LA Weekly People Issue in 2007, as ‘The Most Fascinating People in LA’; a 4 page feature. Given how L.A can be very shallow and have a 3 second attention span. To have someone like Mildred make such a populist publication is an extraordinary achievement. Once Mildred conquered L.A, she elected to leave for London. After meeting famed milliner, Stephen Jones. Mildred started working for the noted hatter eventually becoming head of Jones’ atelier.

As if haute millinery was not fabulous, she is also an illustrator. Her most recent work is for Dita Von Teese’s upcoming beauty book ‘Your Beauty Mark’. By recent, I mean within the last two days. Mildred  created graphics and textiles for a few films such as ‘London Fields’ with Johnny Depp and his current wife Amber Heard and ‘Dangerous’ by Jonas Akerlund. Both ladies are vintage clothing afficiandos and it was Von Teese to introduced Mildred to Jones. Now that is chic supreme. Mildred is a staggering woman; firstly she is captivating on the eye. Impeccable style, and talent for creating beautiful pieces of art. To be able to rise to such an esteemed position for a prestigious label, is not for the faint hearted or poseur. Fabulous indeed Ms Mildred.

adele mildred pheasant


AM full glamour

AM noir chic

AM pout


art AM


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  1. Excellent and elegant which equal amazing!

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