Renee Perle: Eccentricity

What makes a muse? Why are some people able to inspire in another a lightning bold moment of brilliance, yet another does not? Inspiration is just like attraction wholy subjective, unable to be analysed. What excites one may leave another cold.

Born in 1904 in Romania, little is known about Perle. Except that in 1930 in Paris, she was discovered by famed Photographer Jacques- Henri Lartigue. Upon first sight Lartigue was enchanted with Perle’s striking but atypical appearance; tall, slender, chic and highly photogenic. Nicknamed ‘the parasol’ as she was known to hide behind her chosen accessory. Becoming both his muse and his lover for the next two years. Not a posing virgin, Perle was a working as a model for couturier Doeuillet. Perle knew how to best utilise her feature, how to speak through the image. With the help of a gifted photographer like Lartigue, her pictures are captivating. Her personal style also set Perle apart from from the other Parisienne fashionistas. Choosing more masculine, looser fitting clothes such as boyfriend T shirts, cropped tops, loose trousers and multiple bangles up her arms. John Galliano cited her Avante Garde ensemble as ‘kittenish Parisian coquette’.

Renee Perle died in 1977.

Proving that beauty depends on angles and lighting. If you master those variables, a muse is made.

renee perle cupid

renee perle art

renee perle chic

renee perle portrait


One comment

  1. There is hope for me! Someone who isn’t the beauty norm, but looks sensational with the correct lighting! 😉

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