Monthly Archives: August 2015

June Miller: Wanton

To act as a muse for one great author is a remarkable, but to inspire two. You have to have a certain kind of charisma and charm that can intoxicate those surrounding you. June Miller was one such addictive muse. Born Juliet Edith Smerth on 7th January 1902 in Burkovina, Romania. Her family changed their […]

David Downton: Glorification

To collaborate with the best of fashion, publications and muses is a fantasy for most of us. One man has made that dream a reality with an artist flare. One David Downton. Born in 1959 in Kent, England. Downton studied at Caterbury and Wolverhampton from 1977-1981. Once in Brighton, Downton began his illustration career in […]

Garden of Suzhou: Imperial Inspiration

China has a country undergoing great change. With a booming economy, huge urban development was inevitable. As more leave the countryside for the bright lights of the metropolis of Beijing and Shanghai; the need to expand outwards to cater to this influx has never been needed more. To contrast this encroaching concrete jungle, is a […]

A Bygone Era

After seeing the vintage advertisements by Serge Lutens, I have elected to showcase; what I think are the finest examples of retro cosmetic and perfume ads that I feel show true artist merit. A real striking and at times surreal approach to advertising cosmetics. If it appears that all these ads are rouge heavy. Then […]

Serge Lutens: Maquillage

Working for Vogue magazine, creating make up for Christian Dior, and collaborating with Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. Serge Lutens is a man with an immense credentials. With exclusive perfumes and short films under his belt, Lutens skills in creating glamour are beyond dispute. Where I discovered Lutens’ talents and what I am most drawn […]