Serge Lutens: Maquillage

Working for Vogue magazine, creating make up for Christian Dior, and collaborating with Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. Serge Lutens is a man with an immense credentials. With exclusive perfumes and short films under his belt, Lutens skills in creating glamour are beyond dispute. Where I discovered Lutens’ talents and what I am most drawn to is his art work. When Lutens joined Shiseido in the 1980’s, he created his now renowned art direction. Combining Japanese aesthetics with a chic, stark contrast. A remarkable task considering that the 80’s were a decade of gaudy tackiness. Where I believe Lutens managed to sidestep that particular disaster is down to his simplicity. A dash of Art Deco also helps raise the chic levels (for the top image). If only other cosmetic companies were less concerned with using celebrities to sell their products and more unique art work.

serge lutons MU

serge lutons veil

serge lutons

SL chic


One comment

  1. Very minimalist and sleek. I agree, his artwork is an asset.

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