Garden of Suzhou: Imperial Inspiration

China has a country undergoing great change. With a booming economy, huge urban development was inevitable. As more leave the countryside for the bright lights of the metropolis of Beijing and Shanghai; the need to expand outwards to cater to this influx has never been needed more. To contrast this encroaching concrete jungle, is a true treasure of tranquility. The Classical Gardens of Suzhou.

Based in the Suzhou region of Jiangsu Provence. These immaculate 69 gardens are not only resplendent in their appearance, but have an impressive history to match. Dated from 11th Century (Song) until the 19th Century (Qing Dynasty), these rich relics of garden art showcase the best of Chinese horticulture heritage. Seeking to miniturise natures wonder with classical Asian touches of Pagodas and Pavilions. So inspiring and intimidated were these gardens that even the Imperial Gardens such as Chengde Mountain Resorts borrowed from Suzhou. Unsurprisingly there revered gardens were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997.

A majestic example of China’s reverence for nature and the bounty she has blessed us with.


suzhou garden pagoda

suzhou garden bridge

lingering-garden suzhou

garden of suzhou

garden of suzhou III

garden of suzhou II

g of suzhou

G of suzhou II

classical garden of suzhou




  1. How absolutely gorgeous — but the idea of pollution in China always lurks in the back of my mind…

    1. True, China needs to do more environmentally. A new nod to a more green past. X

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