Second Look

Ah September, now we can officially say farewell to summer. To open toed shoes, to bare shoulders and fretting about the merest hint of leg hair. Now let’s cast our eyes on these warm weather wonders; the top dress is called Zelma and is by Agent Provocateur. Followed by a Louis Vuitton slip, A Lingerie inspired dress names Her Sexellency (inspired by Sally Rand’s method of signing off her letters) by allure afficiando Dita Von Teese. Finally signing off this fitted post with a fiercely fine dress by Guru of glamour, Jean Paul Gaultier.

Whilst I would happily own all these gowns. Her Sexellency would be the easiest dress to acquire (£120 means that HS is likely to be the most affordable and easiest to find of all these outfit).

zelma dress

LV slip dress

Madame x dress

1980's peach dress



  1. All would be spectacular to own! Time to go vintage shopping. 🙂

    1. Always a good idea x

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