Coveted Bag: Hermes Pullman Bag

Just when you thought Hermes had no more to offer from their back catalogue. Behold the Pullman bag.

As to it history, I have not been able to find much. Based on the limited information I have been able to uncover, Pullman was definitely in existence during the 1960’s. Sadly by the 1980’s Hermes decided to retire Pullman permanently. Why, I cannot understand.

Pullman is a steamline shoulder bag. With two top handles and a brass hard wear. Inside is comprised of one main compartment, that is secured with a chic lock and an attached key. On opposite sides are two slimmer sections for further storage. If you want a tasteful bag but not fussy, this would be highly suitable. Where Pullman does fall short is that of the three sections, only one can be fastened. Leaving anything stored in the outer pockets vulnerable to be stolen. Since Hermes is an expensive lable and a rare find will only be more expensive. One could argue that if you are going to spend more than £1000 on a bag, a proper method of security should be obvious. Also Pullman does not offer allot room for storing your essentials; wallet, keys, make up etc.

An understanded piece of luxury, but personally I think there are better candidates.

hermes pullman bag black

hermes pullmans

hermes pullman burgundy

hermes pullman sideways


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  1. Very clean lines. I like it very much. XO

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