Coveted Bag: Coblentz Satchel Barrel Bag

While it is true that style cannot be bought nor does it change with the tides of fashion. Some of the key figures of chic, sadly not last. Once upon a time, Coblentz, established in 1935 in New York. Was Parisienne inspired sophistication sold in high end department shops such as Saks Fifth Avenue. While Coblentz has since ceased to exist. Some of his bags are floating around Internet shops, including this peachy treat.

As its official names cannot be found, I will just call it the Coblentz Satchel Barrel Bag. Not strictly speaking a barrel bag but certainly similar. Duo handles with gold coloured hardware, with generous depth highly suitable for day-to-day wear. Metal feet at the bottom help to elevate the bag from the pernicious grime of everyday life. An unusual claps may not catch the eye or interest of most fashionistas. But since this is Handbag Fetishist, of course such details deserve attention. A matching gold flip clasp that curves around the nodule on the top of the bag. Keeping the content safe but stylish. Unfortunately I could not find a price, so a conservative estimate would be around £200.

If I could find this particular hangbag, I might be tempted to spurge. Maybe one day.

coblentz bag

coblentz barrel bag


One comment

  1. Excellent find! Keep your eyes peeled, something might turn up. 😉

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