Shirley Levitt: Fettered

After extensive searching, you would think that the pool of 50’s fetish models would have tried up. Alas amiable pervs, for I have found one more vintage vixen, Shirley Levitt.

Why these ladies seem bereft of biographies will remain an annoyance.  Possibly born in the late 20’s/early 30’s like Bettie Page or Betty Brosmer. While I cannot be certain but I believe that Levitt posed for Irving Klaw the King of Kink. What I find attracted in Levitt is her unique face that reminds a little of PJ Harvey. She is less like a ‘typical’ pin-up but still beautiful and striking. A more modern face. Demonstrating that beauty is subjective and not to be policed by popular opinion.

Sure you will agree that Miss Levitt is no ones idea of ugly.

shirley levitt close up

shirley levitt bikini

shirley levitt swimsuit

shirley levitt

SL bondage



  1. meganmilesauthor · · Reply

    Very cool post!

  2. Thank heaven you haven’t run out !

  3. From what I can see of her face (last photo?) she is lovely. 😉

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