Monthly Archives: October 2015

China Untamed

Oh China, the infatuation still lingers on. Having covered her recent film stars, designers, gardens and now it’s the turn of her natural charms. For such a huge country, China is blessed with a variety of landscapes; tropical in the south, desert in the northwest and the mountains of Tibet. So beauty can be found […]

Margaret Brundage: Lascivious Illustratrix

Pulp art is an under appreciated art form, one woman was a revolutionary in the field. Honing her unique style of sexuality and horror into a recognisable signature. Margaret Brundage. Born Margaret Hedda Johnson on 9th December 1900 in Chicago. Attending the same high school (McKinley High School) with Walt Disney, starting her publishing training […]

Dorothy Draper: Maestra of Maximalism

Interior design is one of those areas of artistry that most people think that they can master. Since everyone who has ever owned a house/flat has had a hand in choosing colour schemes, matching furniture decor etc. If one thinks that they can decorate their own home, why not turn it into a career? However […]

Micronesia: Secret Eden

Who can truly resist the appeal of a tropical getaway? Crystal clear waters, constant sunshine, promised warmth that always delivers and the ability to truly unwind. Given how most of the known island destinations have been covered extensively, one would feel that there is little left to discover. However, after a documentary about Palau I […]

Delicate Deviancy

(THIS POST CONTAINS ADULT THEMES, IF OFFENSIVE PLEASE AVOID) Occasionally one succumbs to fetish fatigue. Seeing the same, tired cliches (dungeons, same accoutrements same costumes etc). Sometimes it is exactly what you desire, for that moment. However one craves something new, imaginative and surprising. So when I came across several (unrelated it must be noted) […]

Warming Wear for Winter

Admittedly this is a little late. Sayonara Summer when you great. However the beauty of Autumn eclipses you. Luscious colours with sumptuous fabrics, that you don’t have to fret over whether you are ‘beach ready’ (a ridiculous idea, put on a swimsuit and you are beach ready). As a side not I have decided to […]

Bellissima Borsas

Three months is too long to go without a mention of Moschino’s mighty bags. Plus in an effort to keep standards high for you discerning readers, I have searched the internet for the pieces that I feel best represent Moschino’s whimsical chic. As a purely personally point of view, I am not a fan of […]

Lavish Liberty

Liberty is a London landmark of luxury. Established in 1924 on Regent’s Street in central London, has been the purveyor of high end goods with tremendous success. Thanks in part to the famed ‘Liberty Print’. However it has never occurred to me to look to Liberty to satisfy my hunger for bags. Granted, I went […]

Irene Lentz: Dressing The Stars

To dress the biggest and most beautiful people on the silver screen is an honour that most designers would cut their own arms for just a taste. Some become icons such as Edith Head. Some are sadly forgotten. Like Irene Lentz. Born on 8th December 1900 in Baker, Montana. Once arriving in Los Angeles in […]

Myrna Weber: Swell Set Up

Flicking through retro pin-up pictures, I have found a suitable candidate for you tasteful readers. Myrna Weber. Born on 20th April 1938 in Florida, U.S.A. An advantage given how little information I have been on previous pin-ups. While┬áI have been unable to find much else about her achievements. I can confirm that she was Playmate […]