Myrna Weber: Swell Set Up

Flicking through retro pin-up pictures, I have found a suitable candidate for you tasteful readers. Myrna Weber.

Born on 20th April 1938 in Florida, U.S.A. An advantage given how little information I have been on previous pin-ups. While I have been unable to find much else about her achievements. I can confirm that she was Playmate of the month for August 1958. Not a bad accolade considering how many women have been featured in Playboy for the last 50 years. Taken by pin-up Maestra Bunny Yeager, think you will agree Yeager captures Weber’s charms exquisitely. Based on some of her pictorials (non Playboy), she did go for more hints of nudity rather than full nudity like Bettie Page. Obvious side boob (a nipple maybe). But no further flesh is on view. My own theory is that Weber may not have been comfortable with showing more skin. Which is fine, no one should have pose or perform anything that does not make them comfortable. Besides; if someone is obviously ill at ease, the photographs will show that discomfort. Negating any sexiness.

BY MW beach


BY MW bikini

bunny yeager myrna weber

MW full colour




    1. Glad you enjoyed X

  1. She is absolutely lovely — and a little cover doesn’t hurt. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

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