Lavish Liberty

Liberty is a London landmark of luxury. Established in 1924 on Regent’s Street in central London, has been the purveyor of high end goods with tremendous success. Thanks in part to the famed ‘Liberty Print’. However it has never occurred to me to look to Liberty to satisfy my hunger for bags. Granted, I went to Liberty once about 10 years. An grand interior but I was not captivated. However in my copious consumption of bag porn, I have come across some elegant examples of handbags from Liberty. What is most striking is the dreamy embossed pattern (a stamp impression) on sumptuous leather. Classic designs that will never date coupled with a quality care and craftsmanship. By now it should be obvious that these ladies do not come cheap. Based on their website, £250 buys you a very small purse (barely a bag in its own right). Still watching is always free.

liberty bigger

liberty black block

Oval Glass Patent Embossed Leather Sm box bag liberty

liberty vivid

liberty pink hat bag



One comment

  1. I do like that embossing of the leather. I have one clutch that I purchased that has an embossed pattern and I love it.

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