Warming Wear for Winter

Admittedly this is a little late. Sayonara Summer when you great. However the beauty of Autumn eclipses you. Luscious colours with sumptuous fabrics, that you don’t have to fret over whether you are ‘beach ready’ (a ridiculous idea, put on a swimsuit and you are beach ready). As a side not I have decided to not include black. Because black is chic and flattering all year round, and well, it is a touch too obvious.

Though Dita Von Teese is beyond immaculate, I do disagree with fur in fashion. Especially now since it is now getting cold, faux fur is cheaper and more ethical.

Anatasia vereschagina couture

Dior 2007

galliano autumn 98

jacques fath coat

forest green chic

Dita purple



  1. Ummm, we can agree to disagree on real fur vs, fake fur — but both are lovey. (Families bat friends were furriers and very ethical about sourcing and…..reusing/redesigning pieces — amazing tailors in the medium they chose,)

    1. Fair enough X

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