Micronesia: Secret Eden

Who can truly resist the appeal of a tropical getaway? Crystal clear waters, constant sunshine, promised warmth that always delivers and the ability to truly unwind. Given how most of the known island destinations have been covered extensively, one would feel that there is little left to discover. However, after a documentary about Palau I have found a hidden gem. Micronesia.

Based in the Pacific Ocean, west of the Phillipines and just north of New Guinea. Part of the continent of Oceania. An archipelago of approximately 1000 islands, culturally straddling Polynesia and Melanesia. More often eclipsed by her better known neighbours like Fiji but as you can tell she is more than capable of holding tourists captive. Plus who cannot find pleasure in pristine nature especially in the coral reefs. Watch this space for upcoming tours of this unspoilt piece of paradise.

Luftaufnahme von Seventy Islands Mikronesien Palau Aerial View of Seventy Islands Micronesia Palau

micronesia islands


palau clear

Palau underwater



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  1. How absolutely GORGEOUS!

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