China Untamed

Oh China, the infatuation still lingers on. Having covered her recent film stars, designers, gardens and now it’s the turn of her natural charms. For such a huge country, China is blessed with a variety of landscapes; tropical in the south, desert in the northwest and the mountains of Tibet. So beauty can be found in so many shapes, temperatures and seasons.  Of course how can anyone mention China’s unique wildlife without her iconic Giant Panda. However if I am honest, while Pandas are like huge cuddly teddies. I do prefer red Pandas. Not actually bears, they are relatives of the Racoon family. They possess one of the cutest faces you will ever see on a mammal.

yangshou china

huanglong china

Shaanxi provence

five colour lake Jiuzhaigou valley china

Turquoise Lake Sichuan, China

Snowy Nanjing China

shy panda

red panda adorable

red panda and cub


One comment

  1. Oh, I do like the red panda, too. I do see the similarities to raccoons. I am always amazed by China, such beauty and then the messy smog in Beijing. Crazy

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