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Judy Bamber: Flaunt it

Time to present another long forgotten bombshell. Judy Bamber. Born on 13th October 1936 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bamber started her modelling career in Detroit, later moving to Los Angeles. In 1955, Bamber along with her husband Frank Robinson. After years of odd jobs, Bamber was discovered by both a modelling and acting agencies. What […]

Liu Wen: Body of Work

China is conquering the film world and the fashion world. So it would make perfect sense to showcase the woman dubbed ‘China’s first bona- fide supermodel’. Liu Wen. Born on 27th January 1988 in Yongzhou, Hunan Province. Liu was encouraged by her mother to utilise her natural good looks into a modelling career. In 2005, […]

Sekushi: Tessa Kuragi

Bettie Page has inspired countless fetish models, in both occupation and appearance. Whilst no one can fault Page’s iconic hair style and mannerisms. When you see the same look time and time again, it can become repetitive and boring. So when one comes across someone who goes against the grain. I cannot help but notice, especially […]

Refitism Realised

Refitism (or foot fetishism) is the most approachable of all the fetish sphere. For one, it is the most easy to facilitate. If you want to satisfy your needs, just look down! Or simply turn to any of the fashion magazines, and there are a vast array of shoes of all designers, heel types etc. […]


THIS POST CONTAINS ADULT THEMES When sourcing a fix of retro fetish imagery. Most aim for the 1950’s Irving Klaw era of underground deviancy. Makes perfect sense; the pictures are beautiful, poses immaculate and who’s day is not brightened by the sight of Bettie Page? However one might wonder, where did the inspiration come from? […]

Nettie Rosenstein: Timeless

Vintage bags, frankly I don’t believe that you can have too many posts or pictures on the subject. When you consider that so many current designers take inspiration (or in some case blatantly rip off) classic retro styles. Why, because style does not date or tires. So when I have looking into past designs, it […]

Koret: A Cut Above

OK, the flirtation with shoes has subsided. Now I can refocus on my true love, handbags. I may look lasciviously at others, but bags will always have my heart. So I bring you more vintage delights. The more obscure but desirable, Koret. Founded in 1929 by Richard Koret in New York. Sadly little else known, […]

From the Waist Down

Following up from the sweet kitsch of Alberto Guardiani’s Lipstick heels, comes a saucier alternative. Instead of a tool of beauty, why not put a figure of beauty and feminity; like part of a woman’s body. Though there is some variation, most of the ‘cheeky heels’ are from the hips toward. I do find the […]

Well Heeled: Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heels

My love of high heels, red lipstick and other classic feminine accoutrements is well established. If it is girly, ‘old fashioned’ or just a bit kitsch I am all over it like Rod Steward on a pneumatic blonde. For a long time, I thought Christian Louboutin was THE major supplier of sex at your toes […]

Dynamite: TNT Tee Red

THIS ENTRY CONTAINS NUDITY Whether you know her as Tee Tee Red or The TNT Girl. A star from the golden age of Burlesque, this red headed siren sent pulses racing wherever she went. Born Joy Pelletier on 3rd Novemeber (not certain of the year) in Whigman, Georgia. She began her career at the age […]