Coveted Bag: Prada Spring Hinge Bag

Having been blogging about bags for 2 years, most of the big designers have been featured. Whether they have been well received or not is another matter. Still, one famed designer who seems to be very popular but has not been featured so far. Prada. Based on their current  range and their back catalogue, Prada is frankly boring. Just allot of ‘safe’ and uninspiring clothes and accessories. However Prada has delivered a Handbag Fetishist worthy contender.

The Prada Spring Hinge, this pleasantly retro bag ticks allot boxes. A double top handle with a metal frame and a matching spring hinge closure. Thanks to a generous depth and width, this bag becomes far more practical.  Basically this is like a doctor bag, which as far as I am concerned is a chic staple that you will use for the rest of eternity. If you are hoping for an ‘over the shoulder’ option, then sadly this bag does not offer such a choice. Now, since we all know that Prada is very price. So is this handbag, approximate prices seem to start at £1,000. A great classic bag, however at such a high price rather difficult to justify.

prada saffiano-bauletto-bag

prada matt sh

prada sh black

prada spring h



One comment

  1. I like the red patent leather version! I agree with your overall statement that Prada bags are boring. Miu Miu can be a little more fun.

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