Dynamite: TNT Tee Red


Whether you know her as Tee Tee Red or The TNT Girl. A star from the golden age of Burlesque, this red headed siren sent pulses racing wherever she went.

Born Joy Pelletier on 3rd Novemeber (not certain of the year) in Whigman, Georgia. She began her career at the age of 17, under the wings of the Legendary showgirl Zorita. A successful tutelage no doubt, Red honed her craft in Bourbon Street at joints such as Sho bar and 500 Club. Eventually gaining a decent following, touring around the USA.

A good Burlesque performer, knows that in order to set yourself apart from all the other peelers. One must showcase your own style of movement, showcasing your own talents (however useless they may seem). Before it was commandeered by likes of Madonna, Red was a practitioner of yoga. Thanks to her supple agility, Red was able to move unlike most of the other strippers. Despite what some allege Red was not a contortionist. Clearly men did fall for her catlike nibbleness, Govenor Earl Long was said to be smitten with Red, radiant beauty. Though Long did have a fondness for Burlesque dancer, he was immortalised due to his relationship with superstar stripper, Blaze Starr. Like Lili St Cyr, Red appeared as a stripper named Rock Candy in Jerry Lewis’ ‘The Bellboy’ in 1960.

Red hung up her G-string in 2009 at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. It is believed that Red resides in New York currently.

TTred show

tee tee red

TTred shoes galore

TT red bottom

TTred darling



  1. My goodness — she had a bottom which defied gravity! Did you see that? XO

    1. Hard not to notice, Burlesque suits her well. X

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