Well Heeled: Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heels

My love of high heels, red lipstick and other classic feminine accoutrements is well established. If it is girly, ‘old fashioned’ or just a bit kitsch I am all over it like Rod Steward on a pneumatic blonde. For a long time, I thought Christian Louboutin was THE major supplier of sex at your toes (outside of specialist fetish boutiques). However I have discovered another kind of shoe that simply puts a smile on your face. Alberto Giardini’s lipstick heels.

If anyone wishes to steal the hearts of women worldwide; shoes are the safest choice. If said designer want a formula to keep their aforementioned clientele joyful. Combine things that are traditionally associated with ‘woman’. So when Giardini turned the heels on his shoes into lipsticks, a new classic was born. If you have a weakness for kitsch, then these must be sending your hearts a flutter. If you are more straight-laced about your footwear, then these will likely strike you as silly. Still, I would happily wear these with aplomb. It is not the shoes that make a woman, but how she wear them. Just ask Dita Von Teese, who has been seen sported a pair too. Though she does seem to influence almost all the pages on the site, I promise it is not always deliberate. But who can fault God taste? However the price of these beauties will leave you cold at £450. Allot of money no doubt. Much like the ‘Coveted Bags’ looking is always free.

alberto guardiani lipstick

AG love

Dita lipstick heels


One comment

  1. I think that they would capture the eye and start a conversation — but I am not sure that I want a pair….

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